Saskatchewan Geoscience Data Management Project Town Hall

What is the the Saskatchewan Geoscience Data Management Project?

The Saskatchewan Geological Survey (SGS) has been collecting, archiving and distributing high-quality public geoscience information since 1949. This information is foundational for non-renewable resource exploration and is extremely valuable in helping explorers reduce investment risk. In recent times, however, ever-larger and more-complex digital datasets have proven difficult for geological surveys to efficiently store and disseminate.
To address this, in 2023 the Government of Saskatchewan made the Growth Plan commitment to establish a comprehensive and integrated geoscience data repository to improve service to Saskatchewan explorers and enhance the investment attractiveness of Saskatchewan’s non-renewable resources, including critical minerals. Announced as a component of Securing the Future: Saskatchewan’s Critical Mineral Strategy, the two-year, multimillion-dollar project will host decades of public precompetitive geoscience and off-confidential mineral assessment information; will accommodate secure submission of mineral assessment information, and; will support existing applications such as the Saskatchewan Mining and Petroleum GeoAtlas.
Project Highlights

  • Standardization of online mineral assessment report submissions;
  • Availability of structured, 3D-ready data and unstructured data from both map and form searches;
  • Access to off-confidential mineral assessment file information currently housed by the Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database (SMAD), including structured borehole and geoscience data;
  • Access to mineral exploration locations currently housed in the Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Index (SMDI);
  • Access to original data collected by Saskatchewan Geological Survey geoscientists, including data from exploration drill cores (primarily mineral exploration) cut from across Saskatchewan and data collected during northern mapping programs;
  • Access to off-confidential, structured borehole and geoscience data from licensed drilling in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin hosted in reports generated from the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS);
  • Continued availability of interpretive maps and selected geospatial datasets on the Saskatchewan Mining and Petroleum GeoAtlas

 Please join the Saskatchewan Geological Survey and Kvale Informatics Consulting Ltd. for a Town Hall at the Saskatchewan Geological Open House on Tuesday November 28 at 4:45 in the Battleford Room, Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon.
During the meeting, the objectives of the Geoscience Data Management Project will be presented. There will be a demonstration of preliminary system functionality, and a question-and-answer session. We look forward to meeting you there.

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